Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Fashion Illustration Update

It has been ages since I last posted and I am guilty. Again, I've been working up my illustration skills and if I may say, my work has improved.

Mainly because of the tutorials they have at IDRAWFASHION.COM and I've taken advantage of the free templates from the site. They are fun, beautiful and easy to use but I plan on making my own templates in the near future.

#1 Lately I have been reading the "How To Draw Silk and Satin" tutorial and I came up with this outfit. A silk dress with my personal edge (funky socks). I wanted it to portray an image of someone classy but also has this fun side. I hope this describes most of you.

#2 For this look, I studied the "How To Draw Stockings Tutorial". And as we all know that stockings look sexy and so does red. Mix it all up and you get showgirl/model/Beyonce.

#3 I made this illustration straight after the " How To Draw White Fabric" tutorial. Before that I seriously thought you just used a white color and then bang. Doing it this way makes it look a whole lot more realistic.
I hope you enjoyed observing these as much as I did making them.
xx Yolly


  1. these look so good yolanda! the middle one is really beyonce :D x

  2. Haha. Thank you very much
    xx Yolly

  3. cute post!!!


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